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From: hplabs!polstra!norm (Norm Hardy)
Subject: Refrigerators and Yeast
Date: 1990-02-23 00:21:02 GMT

When using a fridge to ferment, I allow the carboy (fermenter) to get visibly
active before putting it into the fridge. Ideally I have the fridge temp set
to a higher value and then slowly lower it by 2-4 degrees a day until it gets
to 38 or so. Practically I just shove the fermenter in and let the sucker
work in the cold. The lager yeast I use (YBL-2 from Mev and 2007 from Wyeast)
seem not to mind at all. The primary ferment always takes between 30 and 45

Bottled lagers (for me) take 21-38 days to carbonate at the lower temp, but the
taste is well worth it, believe me. If you are the type to worry, let the
bottles sit at 55-60f for a week before refrigerating. Carbonation will be
more quickly achieved. I have NEVER had to add more yeast at bottling time.

Norm in Seattle

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