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From: Glenn Colon-Bonet <>
Subject: Dry hopping and Reading Label Date Codes
Date: 1990-02-23 17:48:20 GMT

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Could someone please repost the description of how to
read the date code notches on beer bottles. I know it
was covered in detail a while back, but I can't seem to
find it in my archives. Thanks!

Regarding dry hopping, I have used the technique on a
few of my batches, with fairly good results and no
infection problems (although my beer rarely sits around
for more than a month or two). I usually add 1/2 to 1 oz.
of Cascade hops to the beer after the primary ferment is over
and let the hops sit in the beer for 1-2 weeks. The beer
has come out pretty good, but the dry hopping seems to add
an almost "soapy" flavor to the beer. I've tasted microbrewery
beer that uses dry hopping, and they never seem to have this
off flavor. Could the off flavors be from using too much dry
hops or possibly leaving them in the beer for too long? I
really like the aroma and flavor that dry hopping gives, I'd
just like to get rid of some of the off flavors!

On a similar note, has anyone heard of "flavor hops"? I'm
taking an advanced homebrewing class (sponsored by the AHA)
and the instructor gave us some beer to sample. It had a great
hop flavor! I asked the instructor if he had dry hopped the beer,
and he mentioned that he used a technique where he introduces
an additional hopping step (boiling, flavor, and finishing hops) at
10 minutes before the end of the boil for hop flavor, 60 minutes
for the boiling (bittering) hops and 1-2 minutes for the aroma hops.
The result was similar to dry hopping, in that it has a nice strong
hop taste, but it was definitely much cleaner than what I've
achieved with dry hopping. One other interesting note, a while
back some people were discussing boiling hops seperately from the
wort, the instructor from the AHA mentioned that you will get very
different results from boiling them seperately than together, due
to chemical changes that take place when the wort is boiled with
the hops. He encouraged the class to always boil them together.
Well, I'm off to homebrew-class again tomorrow, yeast culturing
Have a great weekend!
Glenn Colon-Bonet

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