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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Kegging questions
Date: 1990-02-26 16:32:26 GMT

I just acquired a number of (ab)used kegs, all made by Firestone. Some are
Coke/pin type and others Pepsi/ball type. The ball type seems a more
elegant design, plus the kegs are of smaller diameter and fit in my fridge
better. Some questions:

1. Can I swap lids from one to type to the other?
They seem to fit well but I don't have CO2 yet, so can't do a leak-test.

2. What about pressure-release valves?
Only two of the Pepsi lids I got have them, and none of the Coke ones do.

3. Cleaning?
The tank itself looks like it wouldn't be too bad, but these kegs look
neglected and the interior of the valves are coated with smeg; doesn't
appear to be easy to tear them apart. Any suggestions?

TIA. I'm really looking forward to *not* bottling!
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