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From: ony g <giannone@BBN.COM>
Subject: immersion-type wort chiller (concern)
Date: 1990-02-28 13:42:02 GMT

I was thumbing through my Zymurgy "Yeast & Beer" (1989 special issue) last
night when I came upon an interesting statement in Paul Farnsworth's
"Healthy Homebrew Starter Cultures" article. On page 11 Mr. Farnsworth says
"Cooling the wort before transferring it to the fermenter, using ice
immersion or a copper cooling coil placed inside the boiling pot vastly
increases the chance of contamination."

I thought that using an immersion-type wort chiller would vastly 'decrease'
the chance of contamination since it allows the yeast to be added sooner.
Is Mr. Farnsworth assuming that the wort chiller is being place in the
wort 'after the boil' instead of 'during the last 10-15 minutes'?

Is the immersion-type wort chiller 'really' that much better for homebrew?

tony g (

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