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From: hplabs!mage!lou
Subject: boil over preventer
Date: 1990-02-28 20:46:28 GMT

In digest #367 a.e.mossburg writes:

#>I have always used a glass (pyrex?) or stainless "boil over preventer" after I
#>spent two days cleaning my first batch out of the stove. While this is quite
#>effective at preventing boil over, I wonder what effect it might be having
#>on my hot break. I'm not real sure what to expect from a hot break so I can't
#>tell if it's making any difference. Any suggestions out there?

#What is a "boil over preventer"?

You may know of this by some other name such as "pot watcher".

A boil over preventer is a device available in the housewares section of a
supermarket and in some hardware stores for about $2. It has a disc-like shape
and is roughly 3 inches in diameter. My glass one was thick around the rim and
thinner in the middle, somewhat like the shape of a red blood cell. I managed
to crack this one from thermal shock and replaced it with one made from
stainless steel. It resembles the lid of a tin can except the indentations are
more pronounced and the rim is curved down somewhat (although it clearly is not
symmetric I just toss it in without regard to which side is up and it works
fine). Both of them have channels to permit gasses to escape from underneath

To use the device, just put it in a pot to be boiled and forget it. It *will*
eliminate boil over problems.

Louis Clark

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