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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: re: Volume vs. weight measurement
Date: 1990-02-28 22:16:11 GMT

(Mark Stevens) writes:
> Dick is absolutely right that you can't measure whole hops (or even
> pellets) by the cup.

I got one of those cheesey little drug-scales, the kind they sell at head
shops (er, excuse me: smoking paraphernalia emporiums) for $7.00. It's not
too much of a pain to clip on a baggie (er, zip-loc sandwich bag), fill
with hops, and subtract the weight of aforementioned baggie. I'd hate to
have to guess weights that small. Price seems fair for what it does.

Ultimately, I'd get one of the $40 - $60 Sohnle (or whatever) scales which
read up to about 8 Lb, in 1/2 ounce increments, but it's too expensive now.
For pound increments, I'd be measuring grain, anyway, and volume measures
seem tolerable for that.


I use the AAU measures for my records, in order to account for
alpha acid content of the particular hops. As soon as I can figure out the
other, more professional system (IBU's?) I'll probably switch over; the
advantage there is that the measure of bitterness is *not* dependant on the
amount of beer you make.
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