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From: (Mark Stevens) <>
Subject: cooking with beer
Date: 1990-03-01 13:58:08 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #368, Mark Leone wrote:
> Anyone have any good *food* recipes using beer as an ingredient?

Jack Erickson wrote a book called "Great Cooking with Beer" (1989, Red
Brick Press, Reston, VA). The book includes quite a few recipes, from
standbys like Beer Bread, to some more unusual things, like using beer
in cake. To tell the truth though, I was somewhat disappointed in this
book because Erickson puts entirely too much filler in the book...I really
don't give a rat's ass about what foods were served at tastings he
conducted at local restaurants...I want a *BEER-FOOD COOKBOOK*.

Erickson could easily have found more recipes that use beer. In just
thumbing through it I realized that he did not include things like,
* Steamed Chesapeake Blue Crabs
* Chili

I've got some recipes that aren't in Erickson's book, these include:
* Belgian Fruit
* Stout & Sour Meatballs
* Hoppy Lentil Soup

Some other recipes I've heard of, but don't have, include:
* Black Bean Soup
* Cherry Creek Pie (made with Kriek lambic ale)

Last year I was in Boston and stopped by the Commonwealth Brewery. They
served up a delicious plate of mussels cooked in stout. I accompanied
the meal with a glass of stout, then a winter warmer for dessert and
was in heaven all night....

Erickson's book is a good starting point in finding these recipes, and
it's pretty reasonably priced--I believe I paid about $12. In "Great
Cooking..." Erickson alluded to a second volume coming down the pike,
I hope he treats the cooking part more seriously in the 2nd volume and
omits the extraneous generalities (I want cow, not bull).

Bon appetit,
- ---Mark Stevens

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