From the HBD Archive
From: Mike Charlton <>
Subject: plastic keg problems
Date: 1990-02-28 17:41:00 GMT

In digest #367, Jeff Casey talks about problems he's had with things breaking
on his plastic keg and problems with overcarbonation. Luckily, I haven't
had anything break on my keg, but I too have had problems with beer coming
out all foam. I don't know about Jeff's problem, but it turns out that
with me the excessive foaminess was not a product of overcarbonation. It
was a problem of the spigot being too short. Sticking a 2 inch length of
flexible tubing on the end of the spigot solved the problem by introducing
a bit of back pressure. However, I now have a new problem. Even though
I can draw a pint of beer in little under a second (Well, I have to only half
open the spigot so that it doesn't shoot off the bottom of the mug and go
all over me...) The beer is not carbonated enough (at least for my taste).
It's not a big problem (and to tell the truth, I've only tried the keg once
so far) but I'm curious how something with such an obvious amount of pressure
could be undercarbonated.

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