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Subject: re: yeasts and rumors
Date: 1990-03-01 16:06:08 GMT

A couple of issues ago, Mark Stevens commented on my question about
SN yeast:

>good, pure strain. Heurich said that if a brewery does NOT use
>only a single strain that they risk infection of the strains
>by each other and that by restricting your brewing to that single
>strain you can better maintain its purity. This

However, in the same issue, BRW commented that SN uses two yeasts in their
brewing. I've heard a similar claim from other sources.

This sort of discussion isn't really important to my brewing, since I use
either package or liquid yeast. But it does serve as an example of how
the brewing industry and hobby are full of rumors everywhere you look.

Case in point: I made two identical brews using the Wyeast British yeast
and hydrated Red Star ale yeast. The Red Star produced a cleaner, clearer,
tastier beer, a whole lot faster. Other Wyeast ale yeasts have, however,
given me much better performance than the dry yeast.

Florian the doubting.

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