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From: (Darryl Richman)
Subject: re: mild ale malt
Date: 1990-03-01 17:00:33 GMT

From: Pete Soper <>
" I recently got some Munton and Fison mild ale malt but could get
"no color information. If any of you know the approximate lovibond
"or EBC rating of this grain I'd greatly appreciate it if you could
"let me know via email. If you've had experience with this grain and
"could even say something like "It is a bit lighter than light Munich",
"or "Twice as dark as British pale malt" that would be very helpful.

Please pass along the source of your malt--I'd like to order some. Mild
malt is darker than the pale Munich malt generally available. I would
guess that it is about 10 Lovibond. The local shop once had mild malt
but is unable to obtain it any more. I made several Mild Ales from it,
with OGs as low as 31, that turned out very pleasant. Without informing
someone that they were drinking a low alcohol beer (2-2.5% v/v), they
would never suspect it. The perfect drink for parties.

--Darryl Richman

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