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Subject: re: #368, cooling, logging, and heading
Date: 1990-03-01 20:46:42 GMT

In #368, tony g quotes Farnsworth's article in Zymurgy which claims that
inserting a submersible cooler substantially increases the chances of
wort contamination. This is pure bullshit. If the wort is hot and the
cooler is cleaner than a toilet, there is no problem. This quote fuels
my previous claim that the world of brewing is full of rumors.

Max Newman inquires about head on his new beer. Yes, Max, you should
wait a while. The head and carbonation will improve. I use 3/4 cup
of sugar in all my brews and get consistent carbonation results. The
head varies depending on ingredients (see Miller's book). The British
tend to like less "gassy" brews.

Chris Shenton submitted a log sheet in a particular type of format. Two
comments: (1) Have you ever used a Macintosh? (2) It would be preferrable
to send a message to HB DIG regarding the *availability* of the material,
rather than the LONG message containing the data. The actual data could
be then sent to interested parties directly. This would be much more
economical. Please, no offense intended. Your efforts are appreciated.
Incidentally, I use a log book I obtained at a business supply shop.

Florian the complainer.

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