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From: roberts@studguppy (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: immersion-type wort chiller (concern)
Date: 1990-03-02 03:19:06 GMT

> From: tony g <giannone@BBN.COM>
> I was thumbing through my Zymurgy "Yeast & Beer" (1989 special issue) last
> night when I came upon an interesting statement in Paul Farnsworth's
> "Healthy Homebrew Starter Cultures" article. On page 11 Mr. Farnsworth says
> "Cooling the wort before transferring it to the fermenter, using ice
> immersion or a copper cooling coil placed inside the boiling pot vastly
> increases the chance of contamination."
> I thought that using an immersion-type wort chiller would vastly 'decrease'
> the chance of contamination since it allows the yeast to be added sooner.
> Is Mr. Farnsworth assuming that the wort chiller is being place in the
> wort 'after the boil' instead of 'during the last 10-15 minutes'?

I was disappointed with that article. I completely disagree with
Farnsworth's contention that an immersion chiller coil increases the
chance for contamination. Ice immersion, of course, would be a
completely different story. However, if you practice healthy
sanitation procedures with your primary, and let the immersion coil
rest in the boiling wort for 10 - 15 minutes prior to starting the
flow of cooling water, there is no additional risk of contamination.

- --Doug

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