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From: John S. Watson <>
Subject: Re: Recipes of a different nature
Date: 1990-03-02 04:22:51 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #368 Mark.Leone@F.GP.CS.CMU.EDU writes:
> Anyone have any good *food* recipes using beer as an ingredient? I've
> had good beer-batter fried chicken, and now my curiosity is piqued!

Here a cookbook I found recently at B. Dalton's Book store:

Brew Cuisine: Cooking with Beer
by Judith Gould and Ruth Koretsky
Summerhill Press, 1989
192 pages, $9.95

Other information from the inner leaf:
Printed in Canada, Distributed in the United States by:
Sterling Publishing
2 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10016
ISBN 0-920197-73-6

I've only made a few of the recipes in the book ... mainly the stews.
There are recipes for:
sauces, marinades & salad dressings;
soups; vegetables,
eggs & cheese,
fish & seafood,
beef, lamb & veal,

Some of the recipes seem kind of bogus, because they require only a teaspoon
or so of beer. (Maybe it's just an excuse to have to dispose of
a little less than 12oz or beer :-).

But some recipes require goodly portions ,
as much as 4 cups, "Traditional Carbonnade".

There is also a lot of beer and brewing history and lore mixed in
between the recipes.

have fun,

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