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From: (Darryl Richman)
Subject: Mild Ale recipe
Date: 1990-03-04 05:38:13 GMT

Pete Soper asks what yeast did I use in in my Mild Ales. Here's the

For 10 gallons:

5 lbs. Klages (2 row) Malt
4 Mild Malt
2 80L Crystal
0.5 English Pale Malt
0.5 Flaked Barley
0.2 Chocolate

Bittering Hops:
1 oz. Willamette Leaf (5.9%)
1/8 Cascade Leaf (6.7%)
1/8 Eroica Leaf (13.4%)

Flavoring Hops:
0.5 oz. Willamettte Leaf

Water Treatment:
Medium soft water
2 gm. MgSO4
2 CaSO4
2 KCl
2 CaCO3

Mash in all grains to 3 gallons of water at 134F. Hold 120-125 for :55.
Raise to 157F for :50 (iodine negative after :10); raise to 172F for :15.
Sparge with 5.75 gal. (first runnings 1.079, final 1.006). Boil til break
(:15), add bittering hops, boil :55, add flavoring hops, boil :10.

Pitched 5 gallons with Sierra Nevada and 5 with Wyeast's "Northern
Whiteshield" (no, I don't have the number recorded). OG 1.031, FG of
SN was 1.011 (~2.5% v/v), NW 1.014 (~2% v/v). Kegged both with 90 gms
dextrose in each.

Notes: This is the only beer that I could make 10 gallons of on my
stove. I did this by mashing and boiling a big 5 gallon beer and then
adding boiled, cooled water to get 10 gallons. The Sierra Nevada Mild
was fairly dry and a little thin. The NW was a bit sweet and rich beyond
its gravity. The light priming gave these beers the traditional light
carbonation appropriate for English style beers. Both had an emphasis
on malt, with crystal and chocolate bringing up the rear; the hops
were noticable but not in the foreground. Both beers went fast.
I brewed this 1/31/88 and kegged it on 2/20.

With my keg brewery, I could probably make a barrel of this, but then I'd
have to buy 6 more Cornelius kegs!

--Darryl Richman

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