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From: (John Mellby)
Subject: Question on bottling time
Date: 1990-03-04 15:59:33 GMT

I need some suggestions about when to bottle. Most of the books
describe a beer as having an OG about 1034-1040 and being bottled
around 1005. So far, my beers have never gotten below 1011. Some
of this is because I usually brew slightly stronger beers (1040-1050).

In this case, Norman Conquest Ale, the process was
Day OG
-2 Start MEV #13 yeast (liquid yeast)
0 1066 Pitch the yeast at about 70-75 degrees
2 Fermentation starts (I was sweating it that second day!)
6 1032 Put into secondary fermenter
10 1026

It seems to be fermenting very slowly now. At what point would you
suggest I bottle?

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