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Subject: yeast vs. temp.
Date: 1990-03-05 16:35:00 GMT

I have a question regarding temperature of fermentation vs. type of yeast
used. I've used either a packet of yeast that comes with an extract kit, a
package of Doric ale yeast, or both, in all brews I've made so far. All of
my fermentations were done in the cellar which has been pretty cold this
winter (maybe about 62 F) and the beers have been rather tasty. My
question is this: does it matter if you use a lager yeast at these
temperatures, or even warmer temperatures? Some of the recipes in
Papzian's book call for lager yeast, but don't require brewing at lagering
temperatures. I've been told that brewing at higher temperatures using
lager yeast results in "steam beer". What is characteristically different
about steam beers?

Hoppily yours,
Chuck Coronella

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