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From: hplabs!hplms2!gatech!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: re: Boulder beer
Date: 1990-03-06 08:44:07 GMT

Tony Ernst asked whether Boulder Beer is having problems. Indeed they are.
The problems are attributable to:
- attempting to grow too fast (e.g., building the big new brewery
based on overambitious sales projections)
- Sport - the disastrous ultralight in a clear bottle, which was
IMHO a brain-damaged attempt to compete with Corona using style
vs substance
Their beers in the past couple of years just haven't stacked up well
against other micros, and there's an idiosyncratic house character that
keeps them from gaining long-term loyalty. (I have a couple other personal
complaints with their products, but they're not things which affect the
viability of the company.)
Dick Dunn {ncar;ico;stcvax}!raven!rcd (303)494-0965
or rcd@raven.uucp

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