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From: (att!kato!man)
Subject: Yeast and archives
Date: 1990-03-06 12:38:40 GMT

In digest 370, florian says:

>A couple of issues ago, Mark Stevens commented on my question about
>SN yeast:

>>good, pure strain. Heurich said that if a brewery does NOT use
>>only a single strain that they risk infection of the strains
>>by each other and that by restricting your brewing to that single
>>strain you can better maintain its purity. This

>However, in the same issue, BRW commented that SN uses two yeasts in their
>brewing. I've heard a similar claim from other sources.

However, BRW said his information is from a local brewpubmaster.

And in digest 368, Dave Suurballe says:

>Steve Harrison at Sierra Nevada tells me that they use one strain of
>yeast for both fermenting and bottling. They filter before bottling
>to remove protein and dead yeast and then repitch for bottle conditioning.

Since this source is from inside the operation, I tend to put more stock
in it.

So this won't be a total waste, could someone tell me how to request digests
from the archives via UUCP ?

Mark Nevar

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