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Subject: Ginger-honey beer; cyser
Date: 1990-03-07 14:47:00 GMT

NOTE: This posting is a second attempt at sending, and includes corrections
made after the first attempt. I add this note because in the past I've had my
mailer tell me postings to this forum have bounced, only to see them appear
after all. Thank you.

Hi, All!

In digest #368, the Zentners asked about Papazian's recipe for honey-ginger
beer. First of all, it is a honeyed beer and not a mead; the presence of malt
as the primary source of fermentables and hops makes that so. The same holds
true for "Washington Apple Ale."

This being the case, the fermentation should have proceeded as described. It
should also have ceased as described. The extended aging in the secondary is
due to the presence of the honey-- the molecular structure of the sugars in
honey are such that extended aging periods are needed to achieve good flavor.

It is not, for example, unusual for a mead recipe to call for an aging period
of 2 or more years.

Finally, regarding cyser: cyser is a mead with some apple juice or cider
added. As I remember, (I'm at work and so can't check-- if anyone wants to
know the fine print, write me) the proportion of fruit juice in a melomel (mead
+ fruit juice; the generic term for spiced mead is metheglin) should not exceed
1/3 the volume of the wort. I don't believe volume of honey content is in any
way affected; rather, the fruit juice is replacing some of the water.

Yours in Carbonation,


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