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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Michael Jackson TV series update
Date: 1990-03-08 03:47:05 GMT

A few weeks ago Chris Shenton reported that Discovery Channel was planning to
air a series of programs about beer. I have something new to report to shed
light about the series' content (but sadly not about when Discovery will
actually air it).
This month's "What's Brewing" (the monthly publication of the Campaign for
Real Ale in Britain) has an article reviewing the series. It starts
airing on Britain's channel 4 on March 27th, so if any digesters out there are
living in the land of perpetual rain festivals, watch for it. Here verbatim
are the summary details of the series included with the review:

"The Burgundies of Belgium". Food and beer in a feast worthy of Babette at
the Michelin-starred Breughel restaurant near Bruges. Michael
also tiptoes carefully around the dirtiest (lambic) brewery in the
world in order not to disturb the essential wild yeast microbe.

"The Fifth Element". Bavaria's elemental approach to brewing - smoked beers,
beers made using hot stones, plus a German Chancellor of the Exchequer gets a
soaking after tapping into a barrel of Hofbrauhaus Maibock during the
traditional May Day ceremony.

"The Bohemian Connection". Michael in Czechoslovakia before the fireworks began,
points the way to the home of the world's first golden lager, the town of
Pilsen in the Middle Ages kingdom of Wenceslas.

"Our Daily Beer". Trappist monks in a Dutch monastery talk (yes, really) about a
life of solitude and more importantly the brewing of their pilsner and Abbey
style beers.

"California Pilgrimage". Firtz Maytag was so impressed with his local San
Francisco brewery, Anchor Steam, he decided to buy it. Now every year
he takes the brewery workers to see the harvest in Hopland. Guess who's along
for the ride?

"The Best of British" At last, we're back home and at the Batemans's
brewery in Lincolnshire more specifically as they make ready for the
Champion Beer of Britain competition at last year's Great British Beer Festival.

I swear "Beer Hunter" has got to be a coincidence. Jackson just *could not* be
consciously using the name of the McKenzie Brothers' movie :-)

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