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From: mcgp1!jgo@hplabs.HP.COM (John Opalko)
Subject: Beginner bottle question
Date: 1989-01-20 21:49:13 GMT

Greetings, friends,

I've decided to take the plunge and start brewing my own. The nice man at my
friendly, neighborhood homebrew supply house informed me that the twist-
off beer bottles (not screw cap) that I had been emptying and saving all these
months are useless. He said that even though the bottles take a crown cap
and will seal properly, the glass is thinner than regular bottles and I
may end up with dozens of little, tiny time bombs.

Is this true? Not that I have any reason to doubt him; just hoping. Are
soft drink bottles acceptable? I've got zillions of sarsaparilla bottles
that aren't twist-off. Nice dark brown glass, too.

Please set my mind at ease, 'cause I don't want to start my first batch
'til I'm done worrying. :-)


John Opalko


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