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From: bose!chuck@uunet.UU.NET (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Re: Sierra Nevada yeast
Date: 1990-03-08 19:11:54 GMT

In response to some information I gave about SN yeast...

Florian sez...

> Where do you get your information? From their PR people? And if so,
> how can you trust them?

I got my information while visiting the brewery for a half-day
VIP tour. I spoke with various people, including brewers & PR types.
All of the people were both informed and honest.

I have no reason to believe that anyone in the Sierra Nevada organization
would knowingly provide false information about their product or processes.
They are very open about what they do.

I spent quite a while discussing yeast and even got a sample right
from their starter culture.

Currently they have only *ONE* yeast culture. Given the setup, it would
be difficult to maintain a separate yeast just for bottling.

How did these rumors get started?
Well, here are some facts...

They DO use an additional dosage of yeast at bottling time,
however it is the same yeast as used for bottling.

They ARE planning on introducing a second yeast to the brewery SOON,
this lager yeast will be used to produce lagers and will not be involved
in the production of ales.

While this discussion may seem peripheral to homebrewing to some,
I think that it is important for us to be informed about the sources
of our ingredients.

As I said, I recently visited the brewery and had long discussions
about various aspects of their operation. If anyone has any questions
about the Sierra Nevada brewery (or Anchor for that matter),
please feel free to ask, if I don't know the answer, I'll bullshit
so well you won't know the difference.

- Chuck Cox - america's fastest beer judge (thats FASTEST dammit!)

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