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From: "FEINSTEIN" <>
Subject: Apology, re: mead
Date: 1990-03-09 22:40:00 GMT

Hi, All!

In dig 374, the Zentners write (in reply to me):

>You and I must have two different versions of Papazians book.
>The recipe for Barshack Gingermead in Appendix 5 (I think) clearly
>does not include any malt. It does include only honey and dextrose
>as sourcs of fermentables, and a small amount of hops, the purpose
>of which I am not sure (either as a small amount of bittering or as
>a "preservative").

No, we don't have 2 different versions of Papazian's book. I got my recipes
crossed, and do humbly apologize! You *do* have a mead, there.

How long a mead ferments depends mostly on the honey content (obviously). How
dry the finished mead is, _vs_ how sweet, depends on how long you permit the
fermentation to continue with respect to the honey content. A relatively
small amount of honey, permitted to ferment until fermentation ceases, will
usually be very light and dry.

As honey is, in and of itself, a preservative to some extent, I would venture
to guess (don't have Papazian in front of me, here at work) that the hops is
in this instance a bittering agent. Most mead recipes call for the addition
of citrus or strong tea to balance out the sweetness of the mead, making it
sweet without being cloying.

Hope that this has helped, and that this time I got everything right! :-)

Yours in Carbonation,


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