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Subject: cider
Date: 1989-01-20 17:06:35 GMT

In yesterday's digest, commented:

[I just put up a gallon of cider with two cups raw honey and Red
Star California Champagne yeast. It's bubbling mightily. Cross your
fingers for me.]

It's going to be great! I use one gallon pure apple juice, and boil for ten
minutes with 2 lbs corn sugar. Then I add 1 tsp citric acid and 1/4 tsp
ascorbic acid. I ferment it for two days in a gallon container sealed with
plastic wrap (Using Red Star champagne yeast), then rack it to my 1 gal
carboy with airlock attached. During this secondary fermentation, I rack
it an additional two times to remove spent yeast, each time adding 1/4 tsp
ascorbic acid to prevent oxidation. After the sg drops to 1.000, I bottle
it in Grolsch bottles. Periodically, I check for over pressure during the
aging. I have found that about 4 weeks in the secondary and 4 weeks in the
bottle produce a delicious, semi-dry champagne-like flavor. No headaches,
either. I can't make enough of this to satisfy my wife and friends! Variations
include addition of cherries, strawberries, etc to the boil cycle, and boil
somewhat longer. Cheers!

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