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From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: RE: AHA Hail-to-Ale Competition
Date: 1990-03-12 22:23:00 GMT

Ed Sieja asks about the AHA club contests...

> Has anyone heard the outcome of the AHA "Hail to Ale" club contest?
> Is the AHA just slow?

The AHA is extremely slow about returning results and score sheets on its
club competitions. You would think that for $5 per entry they would make
an effort to get results out.

I called up Daniel Bradford at AHA three weeks ago. Yes, the competition
did occur and the winners were picked. Dan told me the winning club was
the San Andreas Malts, followed by the Barley Bandits and the Troy
Homebrewers. The winning beer received a score of 49 out of 50, and must
have been superb. 47 entries were sent in from clubs around the country.
Dan promised that he would return the rating forms the folowing week. So
much for promises from the AHA...

The AHA is historically bad about announcing the results of these
competitions. I brewed the "Bock-is-Best" winner three years ago, and did
not hear ANYTHING until I got my score sheets back three months later.
With my score sheets was a press release, stating that I was the winner.
Our club won other club competitions, and never received any direct
notification from the AHA; friends who called the AHA for info called us to
tell us the news.

I suggest that everyone who sent in an entry to the club competitions call
Dan Bradford at (303) 447-0816 gripe and ask for the results. If enough
people call, maybe he'll send out the winner's list and score sheets!

PS - the 1990 Club "Bock is Best" deadline is the end of April; plan your
Bock-offs now!

Mike Fertsch

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