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From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: Wyeast yeast
Date: 1990-03-13 04:28:00 GMT

I'm planning my next batch of beer, and I just started a pack of Wyeast
liquid yeast. I'm pleased to notice that the pack is larger - it now
contains 50ml of starter solution, rather than the 40ml that earlier
packages contain. Hopefully, the increased volume will result in shorter
lag time after pitching in worts.

Wyeast lists all of their yeast cultures on the package; the appropriate
one is checked off. There are now 13 styles listed; Byron Burch (in last
winter's special Zymurgy issue on yeast) gives good descriptions of 12 of
them. Zymurgy does not speculate on the origins of these species. I've
made of matrix of Wyeast yeasts, their names, and my guess as to
commercial beers which uses these yeasts. Can anyone help complete the

Ales -
# Name on Name in Special Issue Commercial example
package of Zymurgy (my guess)

1007 - German German Ale ---
1028 - London British Ale ---
1056 - American Chico Ale Sierra Nevada Ale
1084 - Irish Irish Stout Guinness
1098 - British British Ale - Whitbread Whitbread
1338 - European German Altbier ---
3056 - Bavarian Wheat Weizenbier ---

# Name on Name in Special Issue Commercial example
package of Zymurgy (my guess)

2007 - Pilsen St. Louis Lager Budweiser
2042 - Danish Danish Lager Carlsberg
2206 - Bavarian Bavarian Lager ---
2308 - Munich German Lager Weihenstephan
2035 - American New Ulm Lager August Schell
2142 - Bohemian ---- ---

I am most curious about 2142 - might this be a real Czechoslovakian/Pilsen

- Mike Fertsch

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