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From: Dave Johnson <davej@hpdml90>
Subject: Re: Syrian beer
Date: 1990-03-13 15:18:30 GMT

> I saw a glimpse of the Sacramento BEE newspaper about a week ago. They said
> that a San Fransisco based brewery (I think ANCHOR) was able to decipher
> hieroglyphics from an anchient Syrian writing which had a beer recipe!
> I think United Press did the story. Did anyone else see this?
> Apparently it was a pretty good beer, but had to be used quickly, as there
> were no hops in it as a preservative. Apparently the Syrians hadn't found
> out about hops at that point in time. I've been trying to find the article
> again, but hav'nt been successful.
> The short time for which this beer is drinkable brings up a interesting
> comment. It is my understanding that hops originated as a preservative.
> Today it is used for flavoring more than anything else. But, can any
> brewery really say they use NO preservatives. It seems that by todays
> standards, that MAY be possible. But, technically, this is a false claim?
> RobertN.

I believe that I have this article at home. However, I am 99%
sure that they did not have a recipie in the article, but I will
check again. If I can remember correctly, the Syrians used bread
as their "malt". I'm not sure what yeast they used.

Dave Johnson

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