From the HBD Archive
From: bates@rossby.Colorado.EDU (John Bates)
Subject: Syrian beer
Date: 1990-03-13 17:16:00 GMT

Regarding Robert N.'s question about Syrian beer, Charlie Papazian brought
some of it to one of the Boulder homebrew meetings several months ago.
There was definately no preservative and by the time we tasted it there
was a zoo of wonderous organisms growing in the bottles. It was really sour
and everyone thanked Charlie for destroying their taste buds for the
evening. I think the original idea was that the Syrians left unbaked
bread outside in containers in the rain. This way of using yeast will
definately lead to contamination. I believe with proper sterilization
and uncontaminated yeast is is possible to brew with no preservatives.

For more info on Syrian beer, you might try writing to Charlie at AHA

J. Bates (Norman's evil twin)

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