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From: Mark Freeman <MFreeman@VERMITHRAX.SCH.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: Homebrew Digest #376 (March 13, 1990)
Date: 1990-03-13 18:20:00 GMT

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 09:12:29 EST
From: card@APOLLO.HP.COM

Does anyone have any experience with transfering beer to a water

The thought was instead of bottling, transfer to another carboy, along
with 3/4 cup corn sugar. Waiting for the right carbonation level and
then directly onto the water cooler. Maybe great for parties.

/Mal Card

The idea has crossed my mind, but there are a few problems.
For example, what to do about the yeast sediment? When you turn
the bottle over to put it on the dispenser, the sediment will
flow down and turn the beer cloudy. You could leave it on the
dispenser while it's carbonating, letting the sediment flow down
to the opening, but then the sediment will come out first, and
I'm not sure if the mechanics of the dispenser will like that.
Finally, I keep thinking about those big air bubbles that glug
to the top of the fluid as it's being drained out of the bottle.
Is that going to turn the hard-earned homebrew into a foamy
mess? Has anyone ever actually tried this?

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