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From: Andy Newman <NEWMAN@Venus.YCC.Yale.Edu>
Subject: Papain and Demerara Sugar
Date: 1989-01-23 19:54:00 GMT


Two notes/queries for the week:

1) My last batch of bitter had a disturbing chill haze in
it. Presumably this had to do with excess tannins in the
fermenting wort (so I'm told). Over the weekend when I was
in the brew store I picked up a packet of Burton water
salts. I normally use my own mix of Epsom and Gypsum salts
that I buy in bulk. What attracted me to this little 40
cent packet was the fact that they listed Papain as an in-
gredient and stated that it discouraged chill haze. If
memory serves me correctly, papain is the enzyme used to
remove protein deposits from soft contact lenses. Any know
(or wish to guess) it's action in fermenting beer?

2) Dave Line's book The Big Book of Brewing has many recipes
that call for Demerara sugar. Since I'd never been able to
find this stuff at the supermarket, I ignorantly assumed it
to be merely a British name for some other common household
sugar. Today I saw a (roughly) one pound bag at the market
selling for (gasp!!) 4.75 cents. It was next to the 69 cent
bags of brown sugar. Does anyone know what this outrageously
priced stuff is? Why is it so expensive and what is a useful
substitute for making the beers listed in Dave Line's book?


Andy Newman

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