From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Wyeast
Date: 1990-03-14 15:12:48 GMT

I have heard various rumors about Wyeast 1028, saying it is Fuller's
house yeast or Northern White Shield's house yeast. I hadn't heard of
the later brewery and intend to research this further.
According to information directly from Wyeast strain 1338 is from
Wissenschaftlische, as is 2308. Perhaps Wissenschaftlische gets it
from Weihenstephan? In any event Logsden (Mr. Wyeast)
says 2308 is the same strain as the one that Gary Bauer originally
cultured and I thought too that this was a Weihenstephan strain.
(Apologies for any mangled spellings).
I hadn't heard that 2042 was from Carlsberg. That is a delicious
rumor if I ever heard one :-) Also, although the broth was increased
from 40 to 50ml, I was told by my supplier that the actual yeast
volume was increased by 50%. I consider this just a rumor at this
point and as far as I'm concerned this only gives some margin for
shipping stress - it still falls way short of what you need for
proper pitching rates so I'll continue using starters.
I will ask my supplier to ask Logsden about #2142.

- --Pete Soper

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