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From: (Tim Perala)
Subject: Mold in my carboy?
Date: 1990-03-15 03:47:48 GMT

[Brewlevel - novice]

I'm fermenting an extract ale and have noticed the
formation of what looks like gray-white mold spores
on the surface of beer.

The beer has been in the carboy for about 72 hours. If it
has gone bad, I would just as soon pitch it (as in down the drain)
now than wait for another week. (I only own one fermenter,
and I'm down to very few homebrews in my cellar!)

The primary fermentation was wilder than usual, blowing
off about 2 quarts of liquid (Burton Union method)
in about 24 hours.

I usually ferment at close to 65, but our house is warmer
now, close to 70.

The equipment was cleaned as usual, although it was the
inaugural plunge for a new homemade wort chiller (simple
coiled copper tubing which had been cleaned with laquer
thinner, TSP, bleach and lots of water).

I haven't made that much of my own beer to know if this
is common. Someone told me that "nothing really bad for
you can grow in your beer", but that mold-like-stuff doesn't
exactly look appetizing.

Thanks for any advice.
- --

Tim Perala
Systems Programmer
Information Services
University of Minnesota, Duluth
(218) 726-6122

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