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From: abvax!!bwc@cwjcc.INS.CWRU.Edu (Barry Cunningham)
Subject: RE: Liberty Ale was not the first
Date: 1990-03-15 13:39:36 GMT

Hear! Hear! Glad to see somebody setting the record straight and standing up
for Ballantine's India Pale Ale. I first discovered Ballantine's IPA in 1976
in Boston during the Bicentennial Celebration summer. Now as to which tastes
best, Ballantine's IPA or Liberty Ale ... 8^) I love them both. They are
both excellent ales, with somewhat different characters. If I had to choose,
I think I would use Fred Eckhardt's tactic -- when asked what his favorite
beer was, he replied "The one in my hand, of course."

-- Barry Cunningham

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