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Subject: re: wyeast business and mead fermentation
Date: 1990-03-15 20:56:18 GMT

Pete Soper sez (roughly):

"It falls way short of what is needed for proper pitching rates..."

in regard to Wyeast packets. I agree mostly, after dabbling in this stuff
for a while. However, the Wyeast Irish yeast really kicks ass. Using it
with and without starters doesn't seem to make any difference, although
I need more data than I have already. In addition, it's REAL smooth!

Also, In a private note to Cher Feinstein, I discovered that she referred
to terminating mead fermentation through the use of vodka. Interesting
concept. May I add that I have been successful at terminating the
fermentation in my ciders by adding sugar until the yeast kicks the
bucket. By the time the yeast is dead (Red Star and other dry champagne
yeasts) however, the brew is so potent that you have to take your guests
keys before letting them indulge.

I saw my first hops buds poking up through the soil this week. Anyone else?


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