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From: Tom Fitzgerald <decvax!wang.COM!>
Subject: Another archive server
Date: 1990-03-15 22:58:56 GMT

There's a second homebrew archive server now running here at Wang. If
you want to get back-issues from it, send a message like:

send homebrew 234 235 236 ...

to the address: -or- ...!uunet!wang!archive-server

If you don't trust other people's mailers, put a:

path -or- path from!mapped!site!to!you

line in the message also. A message with just the contents "help" will
get you a help file that talks about other commands. If the archive
server isn't doing what you want, drop a line to
and I'll see what's going on.

I've set this up to be as helpful as possible to UUCP sites who (like us)
have to pay $$$$ for each byte of mail received, and who live in a
net full of nasty mail-eating demons. As a result, I've optimized it for
getting a single digest, and for doing smart UUCP path routing. If you
want a whole month's worth of back issues at once, or you're on the
Internet already, aem's archive will probably be much more convenient.

Many thanks to aem@mthvax who babysat all the transfers I needed to stock
the archives here.

- ---
Tom Fitzgerald Wang Labs
1-508-967-5278 Lowell MA, USA ...!uunet!wang!fitz

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