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From: hplabs!polstra!jdp (John Polstra)
Subject: Wort Chillers
Date: 1990-03-12 19:05:22 GMT

In HBD #374, Russell Greenlee <> asks:
> Do immersion chillers work as fast as counterflow chillers?

Well, yes and no. I've used both types, and each takes about the same
amount of time to chill the entire volume of wort down to pitching
temperature (15 to 30 minutes, depending on the temperature of your cold
tap water).

But: With a counterflow chiller, each individual little morsel of wort
gets chilled much more rapidly; namely, in the amount of time it takes
that morsel to flow from one end of the chiller to the other (10 seconds).
>From the point of view of the wort, it is being chilled much more
rapidly. It is this rapid chilling that is supposed to give rise to a
better cold break.

I won't go into the issue of sanitation here, except to say that I think
it is manageable for both types of chillers.

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