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From: bose!chuck@uunet.UU.NET (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Re: Liberty Ale
Date: 1990-03-16 20:07:46 GMT

Dave Suurballe sez -

> Anchor's "Liberty Ale" was introduced in 1976; it's
> an IPA, and there weren't any IPAs anywhere in this country.

Ihor W. Slabicky sez -

> I beg to differ, but Ballantine's India Pale Ale has been around
> for quite a long time, longer than Liberty Ale.

Yes, as a matter of fact, when I was at the brewery, we discussed
the evolution of Liberty Ale.

One of their earlier Special Ales ('81-'83 as I recall) was modeled
after Ballantine IPA. The Bally IPA of that time was a lot 'bigger'
than the current Bally IPA (more alcohol, hops, malt, & body), and
tasted more like the current Liberty Ale, than the current Bally IPA.
This version of Anchor's Special Ale was so popular that they
decided to brew it year-round, and named it Liberty Ale.

Even before this discussion, the Boston Beer Society thought there
were many similarities between the old Bally IPA and the Anchor IPAs.
We verified this when we slipped an old ('81 as I recall) Bally IPA
into a blind tasting of the '81-'86 Special Ales. The Bally IPA
ranked equally with the IPA Special Ales.

- Chuck Cox
- america's FASTEST beer judge (and I'll defend that on any race track)

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