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Subject: Crushing grains, blow-off and cherries
Date: 1989-01-24 02:15:23 GMT

First some quick responses to some recently discussed topics:

1. Grain crushing

I too have had the unpleasant experience of using a rolling pin or
other tedious method for crushing grain. Without a grain mill the
easiest method I have encountered is using a blender. BUT WAIT
there is a better way!!! Some of the suppliers of fine brew supplies
such as Alternative Beverage out of North Carolina (1-800-356-BREW)
will crush the grain for you for an additional 15 cents per pound.
This may not be the way to go if you are a die hard masher but if
you mash infrequently and prefer not to purchase a grain mill it
seems to be convenient and affordable. (If you estimate a grain mill
to be $45.00 you would have to purchase and CRUSH 300 pounds of grain
before the savings are realized.)

2. Blow-off Method

I am also an advocate of the Blow-off method. I use a hose that is
slightly larger than the diameter of the mouth of a carboy (I believe
approx 1.25"). One end of course being inserted into the mouth of the
carboy and the other inserted into a pot of water. Not only does this
size tube reduce drastically the possibilities of any type of clogging
but this it is very easy to clean. I have even used a bottle brush to
clean it out. Alternative Beverages is who sold me on the idea and I
have lived happily ever after.

Finally I have a question about brewing beer with fruit namely cherries.
I have recenlty brewed a Cherry Bock using about 7.5 lbs. of pitted sour
cherries. I steeped the cherries after boiling and hopping the wort and
poured the wort and all into the primary. I did not remove the cherries
until the beer was moved into the secondary. My question is for those how
have brewed with cherries before (or heard through the cherry vine). Have
you brewed with different types of cherries such as dark sweet, etc. and what
are your impressions of the results as well as any comments on comparisons of
having used different types.

Gerry Attilio uunet!ingr!b17c!gja!gja
205-772-1510 b17c!gja!

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