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Subject: RE: Homebrew Digest #380 (March 20, 1990)
Date: 1990-03-20 14:24:15 GMT

In Digest #380 Brian Smithey writes:

> My question for those of you who have used wheat extracts
>is whether or not I will need to use a source of additional enzymes
>(such as Edme DMS) with this stuff, or if the extract contains the
>necessary enzymes. I understand from Papazian's book that wheat
>doesn't naturally have the enzymes to convert the starches and needs
>to be mashed with malted barley (or some other enzyme source) when
>doing all-grain. Are these extracts 100% malted wheat, or a combination
>of wheat and barley?

If you are doing extract brewing, then the mashing step has already been done
for you by the producer of the extract. To a large degree you only need to
be concerned with the enzyme content if you are mashing your own grains which
doesn't seem to be the case here.

As for the extracts being 100% wheat or a combination of wheat or Barley
depends on the brand. I believe that you can buy both varieties.

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