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From: sumax!ole! (Bob LaTurner)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1990-03-20 16:04:33 GMT

Last week I began brewing an Austrailian light beer, for which I
bought the whitbread liquid yeast culture (1098 I think). I smashed
the yeast packet on Thursday, Firday it swelled up like a ballon. On
Friday I mixed up a pint of boiled primer (dired malt no hops), added
the yeast. On Saturday the primer was happily bubbling away, so I
brewed my beer. Coopers Ausie extract, crystal malt, 2lbs plain dried
malt, 2oz clusters hops. I used my newly fabricated imersion style wort
chiller to bring the wort down to about 70F before adding the yeast
culture (allready at room temp).
By Monday the yeast had not taken hold, it had died, or gone on a
walk-about someweres else, but not in my beer. So I added the dired
yeast that came with my Coopers extract, "Suitable for top or bottom
fermenting beers". My questions are:

1) What happened to my liquid yeast (all $4.00 worth)?
2) What kind of yeast is this Coopers yeast anyway, I though the
yeast itself determines whether its top or bottom fermenting, not
the beer.

I also broke my capper when I was building my imersion chiller, but
thats another story.

Beer 2 Bob 0

Bob LaTurner
Seattle Silicon Corp.

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