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From: hisata!
Subject: Texas brown ale?
Date: 1990-03-21 04:37:33 GMT

I'm considering sending in my first entry to the annual AHA Homebrew
Competition. My dilemma is in which category to enter my ale. I'm
familiar with different beer styles, but my palate is not yet refined
enough to take a sip and say, "Ah, yes, that's a [style]." With a
home-made recipe, I don't know where to put my ale. (Besides down the

In the current AHA rules, there's an apparently new category: Texas
brown ale. The description reads: "A style of brown ale emerging
from the flavor preferences of many American homebrewers. It has
a medium to high hopping rate, evidenced in bitterness, flavor and
aroma. As bitterness increases the proportion of malt sweetness
also increases for balance. Usually 3 to 5 percent alcohol by
volume." This seems to me to be the generic homebrew that isn't
a stout or a porter or a pale ale. My brew is definitely darker
and maltier and hoppier than, say, Newcastle Brown Ale or Samuel
Smith's Nut Brown Ale. But it doesn't fit any other classification.
Is it a Texas brown ale? (I know, I know. Words don't convey much.
Here...have a sip.)

Could some kind beer judge please elucidate on Texas brown? Is
there anything commercially available that comes close to a tasting
reference? Or any of the recipes in TCJOHB?



PS If Chuck Cox responds first, then we _know_ he's America's
FASTEST beer judge!

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