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Subject: Facsimile cookbook ordering info
Date: 1990-03-21 16:25:00 GMT

Hi, All!

In response to recent queries regarding how to obtain such of my sources as
Sir Kenelme Digby, I contacted Dr. David Friedman, the gentleman in the SCA
who sells xerox copies (legally arranged-for and cleared) of the facsimile
editions. In many instances, Digby included, Dr. Friedman is the only
available souce I know of. The information he sent me to be posted to this
forum appears *after* my signature lines.

Dr. Friedman's Miscellany is very much SCA-oriented, but may be of interest to
some. His 2-volume collection is what contains the copies of the facsimile
cookbooks, volume I being the one which contains Digby.

In all honesty and fairness, I think I should add that if you purchase the
cookbook collection, plan on buying a magnifying glass. In the interests of
cost-efficiency, Dr. Friedman has used reduction xeroxing to get 4 pages of a
facisimile on one page of the collection. A magnifying glass makes reading
the collection much easier on the eyes, and isn't that much hassle.

If anyone has any further questions, they may feel free to contact me.

Yours in Carbonation,


"The first cup of coffee recapitulates phylogeny." -- Anon.

Gainesville, FL


I have received a number of letters asking about the price and
availability of our Miscellany. The price is $7 plus postage. You can
either send a stamped, self-addressed envelope or an extra dollar per
copy for postage (special 4th class--printed material). If you send
an envelope, it should be at least 9x12 and have postage for 15

For those of you who have not seen the Miscellany, the current (4th)
edition is 165 pages long, printed on 8 1/2 by 11 paper, and spiral
bound (not literally a spiral--the kind of plastic binding that
allows the book to open flat). The first section contains our current
collection of worked-out period recipes, giving both the original and
information on how we interpret it. The middle section contains
essays on a variety of topics. The final section is my SCA poetry,
plus a little prose.

We also have available a two volume collection of source material for
period cooking. Volume I contains about 1200 pages of material,
reduction xeroxed 4 pages to 1, making it about 150 sheets of paper,
each printed on both sides. It sells for $15 plus $2 postage and
handling (just $15 if you provide the envelope and postage for almost
two pounds). Volume II (2nd edn) contains about 240 pages of
material, reduced to 2 pages on 1 (about 60 sheets of paper, each
printed on both sides). It sells for $7 plus $1 postage and handling
($7 if you provide the stamped envelope). Both volumes are three hole
punched but not bound. Volume I contains copies of existing period or
almost-period (Kenelm Digby and Hugh Platt) cookbooks. Volume II
contains new translations of period cookbooks, done at my instigation
by people in the Society, plus a few related odds and ends. These
are not worked-out recipes but originals--they typically have no
temperatures, times, or quantities.

The current edition of Volume II (the one I was selling at Pennsic)
is the third edition, which sells for $9 and is substantially longer,
but I am sold out. I have not decided whether to print more or wait
until some more translations come in and do a fourth edition.

If you order five or more Miscellanies, we will pay postage. If you
order ten or more, the price drops to $6 and we pay postage.

Sincerely Yours
David Friedman (Cariadoc)
4919 S. Dorchester
Chicago, IL 60615

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