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Subject: Frozen Liquid Yeast
Date: 1990-03-26 15:02:34 GMT

My brewbuddy and I are about to make our first batches with liquid
yeast. We mail-ordered Wyeast lager and (Irish stout) ale yeast from
Brew-For-Less in Chicago IL. The lager yeast arrived promptly, but the
ale yeast was back ordered.

It arrived last weekend while I was on vacation - first class mail. It
was frozen solid when I brought it in from the mail box. (This is,
after all, Minnesota in March. :-) "Nuts!" I said. "But not to worry.
I will just call those mail order folks and express my concern about
this package labeled 'DO NOT FREEZE'" Bob Skilnik's response was
"Relax. Don't worry..."

Well, I didn't worry about it all week. I started both packets of yeast
up Saturday morning. When I went to bed that night, they both looked
flat. When I woke Sunday morning, the previously frozen ale yeast
looked ready. I made up a starter while my wife fixed lunch for the
kids. By late Sunday night the lager yeast had caught up, and is now
ready for a starter.

I guess the moral of the story is that this liquid stuff can survive
some cold weather without undue side effects. Anybody care to comment
on leaving liquid yeast in the mailbox in August?

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