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From: (Mike Meyer)
Subject: hops questions
Date: 1990-03-26 19:22:01 GMT

While we're talking about sprouting hops, can anyone tell me how long
they should take? My roommate planted 2 Nuggets and 4 Cascades somewhere
around 2/12 as well, and is starting to worry. The Nugget rhizomes looked
pretty meaty, with 2 or 3 buds sticking out, while the Cascades were spindly
and had little or no signs of life, beyond being moist. He kept them
cool and soaked them in water before planting. We got them from Great
Fermentations. They arrived packed in plastic ziploc bags, and were moist.

At this point, neither the Nuggets or the Cascades have poked through. I
figure the Nuggets will make the first showing, being somewhat less dormant
to begin with, and that the Cascades will follow after; no way the Cascades
are coming up first. My roommate is panicking, however, and wants to
plant new Cascades right away, in case these are dead.

I'm starting to think that home hops cultivation is not worth the trouble,
with the amount of worrying my roommate is doing. Imagine the state he'll
be in when the aphids come out :-). As it is, he's too worried to brew.
And this with BrewBash 5 in the planning stages, not to mention the Southern
California Regional competition coming up. (my first, wish me luck)

Mike Meyer

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