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Subject: re: Nobody home at Freshops?
Date: 1990-03-27 00:31:22 GMT

Pete Soper comments:

>I gave up on Freshops incidently. I know they are good people, but 5 (#$!#!)
>phone calls without being able to place an order was too much for me. I ordered
>Cascade, Willamette and Tettnanger from Nichols. The rhizomes arrived a few
>days later, packed very well. I'd like to believe my experience with Freshops
>was just weird bad luck and hesitate to say anything beyond this.

I don't know when you called, but there was a while there when Freshops was
out to mother nature for several days due to about a zillion tons of snow
that fell on the Willamette Valley. On the average, it is hard to call them,
but once you have their catalog, you can mail order whatever they have and
they respond well. I've been getting my dried hops from them to reduce cost.
It's good stuff, too.

Last year, I bought some rhizomes from Nichols. After coaxing them through
the summer, they still didn't come through with very much growth. This year,
they seem to be back with a vengeance. On the other hand, I bought some
cuttings from a local nursery, "Oh, we don't know what kind of hops it is...
It's not the kind you make beer with...nice and purty though...makes good
shade...give 'em to ya fer two 'n a half bucks a pot..," and they went
crazy, all over my front porch.


PS Did you catch Papazain's comment on hops and dreaming in Germany?

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