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From: (Joseph Palladino)
Subject: Pale Ale Problems
Date: 1989-01-22 01:52:05 GMT

Dear Brewing Public:

I made my first batch of ale with:
3.3 lbs John Bull English Ale Extract (hopped)
3.3 lbs. Light malt extract
pelleted aroma hops (unknown amount and type)
It was fantastic.
I decided to get fancier:
1/2 lb crystal malt
6.6 lbs Amber malt extract
1.5 oz Cascades boiling
0.5 oz Cascades finishing

It tasted wimpy, not enough hops and had poor head.
After 3 months aging it is still wimpy and now there is
a head but it dies fast.

I tried Papazian's recipe for Palalia Pale Ale:

1 lb crystal malt
1/2 lb toasted malted barley
6.6 lbs. Amber malt extract
3 oz Cascades boiling
1 oz Cascades finishing

The specific gravity was lower than the recipe specified
i.e. 1.033, but I just switched to a carboy and I don't
think I mixed adequately. After one week it is cloudy and
yeasty, as expected at this time, but it seems almost too
hoppy, i.e. the hops predominate.

The bottom line is: my first batch using a kit entirely was
better than my "experiments". Any suggestions or recipes for
pale ale? I'm after something like Whitbread or Bass ale with
more body. How about changing hop types and/or amounts?
Will this current batch improve much with age?
Thank you for your support.


Poor Pale in Philadelphia

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