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From: hplabs!hplms2!gatech!!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: calibrating the arrival of hops
Date: 1990-03-27 08:57:25 GMT

I'm awaiting the arrival of the first shoots of hops as much as anyone, but
frankly I don't expect them to do much while we're still getting hard
frosts. (Our weather is erratic...just because we were almost in the 80's
last week doesn't mean it can't freeze every night this week:-)

For everyone's peace of mind, it would be nice if, when you're talking
about how well your hops are doing, you'd tell us where the hell you are!
Sometimes doesn't really provide the information you
think it would. I had a brief interchange with someone a few weeks back;
he was curious about what I had to say about hops, given his understanding
that I was somewhere in Georgia. However, I'm actually in Boulder,
Colorado (the Homebrew Capital of the US), which presumably made it some-
what clearer. [We're probably in the minority of homebrewers who have to
worry about wind as a brewing hazard, tho.] I hadn't realized that the
organization part of the header doesn't necessarily make it out.

So...remember to say where you are when you're talking about cultivation,
temps, etc.
Dick Dunn {ncar;ico;stcvax}!raven!rcd (303)494-0965
or rcd@raven.uucp

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