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Subject: care and feeding of hops
Date: 1990-03-27 20:34:21 GMT

Last issue, there were a couple of comments about hops:

Chris Shenton asked:

>Could you provide some hints? What kind of soil, how much light, etc? I
>understand they're real climbers. Are you going to use a lattice, trellis,
>or vertical string?

Then Mike Meyer comments:

>While we're talking about sprouting hops, can anyone tell me how long
>they should take? My roommate planted 2 Nuggets and 4 Cascades somewhere
>around 2/12 as well, and is starting to worry. The Nugget rhizomes looked
>pretty meaty, with 2 or 3 buds sticking out, while the Cascades were spindly

According to what I've read and experienced, the first year the plants will
be weak, with each passing year producing more and more vigorous growth,
analogous to grape vines. The plants I mentioned that went crazy on my
front porch were three year old potted plants. I simply dug a hole about
one foot deep, filled it with rich soil, stuck in the cuttings up to their
necks, and doused it with water. I kept the soil moist all summer. The vines
were in full sun most of the day. They need something tall to climb on, but
will accept anything that happens to be in their reach, like a wall with
standoffs or a rail. One of my vines snaked its way under the deck for about
six feet, then wound up on to a rail and took off from there. It's really
exciting to see them grow so quickly. They also provide beautiful adornments
to an arbor.

A friend of mine in Corvallis who doesn't brew beer uses the hops he grows
as an elixer. He boils them down and saves the "broth" in the fridge. He
then pours a little of it into commercial American beer to give it a "pep."

Last time, I mentioned Papazain's comments about hops and dreaming. For a
long time, I've suspected that there are ingredients in hops that account
for part of the feeling of "well being" that comes from drinking home brew.
Others have suggested this also. These days, with all the anti-drug stuff
going on, I hope the government doesn't decide to do something about the
"potential evils" of hops cultivation. Are hops growers taxed?

Florian (who cultivates legal substances after hours)

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