From the HBD Archive
Subject: re: more hops stuff
Date: 1990-03-28 22:04:02 GMT

In #386, Dick Dunn says,

>For everyone's peace of mind, it would be nice if, when you're talking
>about how well your hops are doing, you'd tell us where the hell you are!
>Sometimes doesn't really provide the information you
>think it would. I had a brief interchange with someone a few weeks back;

..Sorry. I live near Bend, Oregon, the sun and fun capitol of the US,
at least until Tektronix decides to move us back to Beaverton...
In addition, he comments on hard frosts limiting the arrival date of the
hops shoots. In this area, the growing season is extremely short--we can
have snow in July! And the frosts come early in the fall--even as quickly
as the first of September! I think it's hard freezes that are the worry.

Then Jim Broglio says,

>It's probably to late now to plant them but...

It's not too late to plant them in Seattle. You can order them right now
from Freshops or Nichols, and they will have plenty of time to grow this
year...That is, assuming you see the sun this year in Seattle!


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