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From: (Lynn Zentner)
Subject: Uses for spent grain
Date: 1990-03-28 21:54:33 GMT

Ok, so maybe we have been watching a little too much of the frugal gourmet or
have really gotten into this recycling thing, but a few weekends ago, we
were brewing a batch of India Pale Ale and we decided
that it seemed like such a waste to dump all the spent grain into the trash.
So after we strained the grain, I spread it out on some cookie sheets and put
it in the oven at 200F for several hours to dry it out. Then, I worked up
a variation on a recipe for dog biscuits from our local animal shelter and
here's the recipe. Our dog Waylon really likes them, and although I don't
think the grain adds much flavor, it's kindof course and probably adds some
fiber. I know using spent grain may seem like a strange idea, but is there
anyone else out there who has also thought of uses for it?


1.25 c. Whole Wheat Blend Flour (50% whole wheat/50% unbleached all-purpose)
0.5 c. Rye Flour
0.25 c. Corn Meal
0.5 c. Dried Spent Grain
6 T. Vegetable Oil
2/3 c. Water (I bet beef broth would work great)
0.5 t. Garlic Salt

This makes a moist cookie type dough that can easily be molded by hand into
shapes resembling dog biscuits. Or you could role the dough out flat and
cut it with a cookie cutter, but it didn't seem worth the effort. Place
the dog cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet and cook in a preheated 350F
oven for about 40-50 minutes. This recipe makes about a dozen medium
cookies. Next time I would probably double or triple the recipe.

Isn't it great that even the hounds can get involved in homebrewing?!!

Drink all you want, we'll brew more!! : )

Lynn and Mike Zentner

p.s. We figure that making these is really not any cheaper than
buying Milkbone, but hey, homebrewing is not any cheaper than buying
Michelob, but we like it a whole lot better!!

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